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Sha Mengwei (Mavis) from China

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My name is Mavis and come from China. I took part in the volunteer work from July 2nd to 8th. I got a great time with the kids in Wat Damnak school. There are about 27 students in the kindergarten level and most of them had no English study before. So, the teaching was never an easy task, but filled with happiness, laughs and achievements. By using some little prizes and games like candies and lovely stickers, they followed my lessons eagerly and liked to learn the words. During the break time, I taught them to make some paper stars and showed them some interesting videos on my iPad. They trusted me and count on me. I enjoyed their innocent smiles as the most beautiful thing in the world and they made Siem Reap and Cambodia quite significant and meaningful to me. Thanks again for providing me such a chance to have a wonderful time with them.


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