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School Sponsorship Award

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On the 06th of November, 2015, ACODO founder, Mr. Hengchhea Chheav and his colleagues joined a new school opening ceremony and gave school sponsorship to 90 students in Otakok Village, Kantuot Commune, Svay Leu District, Siem Reap Province. The main goal of the scholarship is to assist the isolated community-based students, especially the most victimized and vulnerable children who encounter difficulty to receive a high-quality education; such as no access to school, dropping or dropped out of school to return to school and get a high-quality education, away from illiteracy so that they can become valuable resources, pillars and heirs of their families and the country in the future.

The ceremony was joined by honorable quests such as head of the district office of education, head of the district office of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation, village leader, teachers, students and their families. Mr. Hengchhea also raised awareness of the responsibility of the students sponsored by ACODO and their parents, people in charge of the children or caretakers.

1. Students sponsored by ACODO

  • Must study hard to complete ACODO requirement and curriculum by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.
  • Must have a strong intention to join training programmes or seminars prepared by ACODO or Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport anytime required.  
  • Must submit your monthly school report to ACODO regularly every month.
  • Must enforce internal school regulations strictly.

2. Parents, people in charge of the children or caretakers

  • Must encourage and motivate the children to study hard.
  • Must leave enough time for the children to do their homework and study themselves.
  • Must often remind the children about their school assignments and help to teach them more at home.
  • Must stop and prevent children from vulnerability and exploitation in any case.
  • In case any problem exists, please follow the procedure of teachers, school principals, local authorities and ACODO.
  • Must have strong and honest intention to send the children to go to school in order to gain complete knowledge through the educational programme of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport supported by ACODO.
  • Must respect and promote the rights of the child listed in the UN Convention, to which almost every country has agreed. The rights of the child has 54 articles but we would like to highlight four areas:
  1. Children have the right to be protected from harm so they can grow and reach their full potential (Articles 4, 5, 11, 19, 32 and 36).
  2. Children have the right to participate, share their opinion or concerns and have an adult listen (Articles 12 and 13).
  3. Children have the right to the basic needs for survival which means health care, safe water to drink, healthy food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help them stay well (Article 24).
  4. Children have the right to a high-quality education (Articles 28 and 29).


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ACODO is a Cambodian Non-Profit Organization. Registered charity No. 893, 14 July, 2008, Ministry of Interior. MOU No. 2663, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.

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